• Benefit from new insurance ecosystem that will take your everyday activity on account.

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  • Receive rewards based on your everyday activity.

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  • Discover the Posture and Activity Coach for the balanced lifestyle.


Our Businesses

Zikto's bussinesses include Zikto Walk wearable device, a multiple-device data integration platform The Challenge and The Insureum, new Insurance Ecosystem where insurers develop more customized products, developers and consumers share the profits.

Zikto Walk

Through a series of motion sensors, ZIKTO Walk analyzes your natural walking movements and sends a gentle vibration alarm to your wrist when the imbalance is detected.

The Challenge

THE CHALLENGE app allows users to compete with other users by their daily step counts and win rewards based on their rankings.

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The Insureum collects data from various tracking devices to incorporate health, safety driving, everyday activity information for customised insurance products development.

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